Find-A-Fallacy: Advertisement Database

6 Steps

Explore and analyze advertisements from different time periods, cultures, and target audiences. Discover examples of fallacies in our society.

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Free Photo Sites

29 Steps

A collection of FREE photos websites.

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la crise économique

38 Steps

une balade multimédia pour essayer de comprendre, tout en souriant un peu, quand même: articles, animations, présentations, vidéos, BD, beaucoup de dessins de presse...

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Tumblr, outil de microblogging

23 Steps

C'est quoi Tumblr ? Et qu'est ce qu'on peut en faire ou y faire ?

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Class Tools

97 Steps

Here is a list of things you can use or download. All of these tools were built to help you get the most out of your education.

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Avatar creators

41 Steps

Make sure you preview these because some are NOT appropriate for elementary or middle school kids because of the outfits. If you want to use some with your class, just get the URL from that site.

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Christmas Links

22 Steps

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Fun Free Tech

19 Steps

These are all sites that have some educational value, but are also entertaining to explore and in most cases allow you to be creative. Some can be created or combined to be used in other programs.

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Watch Movie Online

21 Steps

Watch Full Movies Online for free without downloading.

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Cool things to do with YOUTUBE videos

15 Steps

a selection of links to sites which deal with youtube videos.

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