Top 10 things to do on the Internet when you're bored

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a list of things to do when you are bored

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Jeux éducatifs pour les enfants en classe de CE1 et CE2

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wolf quest research

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Class Tools

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Here is a list of things you can use or download. All of these tools were built to help you get the most out of your education.

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Study Lab's Acceptable Activities

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You may go to one or more of these sites if your work is finished for all other classes. If you are in the Lab for a Study Hall type class, if you have no other studies to work on you may use these sites as well.

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Samskriti, Indian Dance school in Chicago, Indian Yoga Chicago, Chicago Bharata Natyam

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Samskriti is an Indian Dance school in Chicago, Illinois offering Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi, yoga classes. Shoba Natarajan is the founder and artistic director of the Samskriti Foundation in Chicago, Illinois where she currently teaches dance, music and allied arts. For more information and questions, please call 630-527-1898.

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Trailer uf

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Balance and Motion

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Here are some fun websites to help you explore balance and motion.

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Gaming in Education

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Follow this track to learn about the pros and cons of computer and video gaming in education.

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Western Australia

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