Find-A-Fallacy: Advertisement Database

6 Steps

Explore and analyze advertisements from different time periods, cultures, and target audiences. Discover examples of fallacies in our society.

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Using JogTheWeb in the Classroom

9 Steps

This is a basic tutorial on some simple ideas of how JogTheWeb can be applied in a classroom setting.

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Tumblr, outil de microblogging

23 Steps

C'est quoi Tumblr ? Et qu'est ce qu'on peut en faire ou y faire ?

By: igruet 3448 Views - a microblogging platform for education

46 Steps is a microblogging platform specially designed for education: for sharing with peers, for projects, for courses enhancement, or for delivering entire online courses. Its facilities will be presented: * embed in notes: images, audio and (live) video files, presentations, pdf, doc, xls files; * private/public groups, * feeds monitoring; * statistics and visual representations: timeline, network, tagclouds for users and groups.

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mon quotidien

17 Steps

activité quotidienne rythmée et efficace

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Watch Movie Online

21 Steps

Watch Full Movies Online for free without downloading.

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Web 2.0 Magical Myster Tour

17 Steps

Take a tour though various Web 2.0 tools to enhance your teaching and learning

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Qu'est-ce que la procrastination ?

17 Steps

Un long mot un peu étrange, pour un comportement très fréquent... Définitions, exemples... et humour !

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Buy Senso shoes

1 Steps

Buy senso shoes online at reasonable rate.

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Un tour des quotidiens

6 Steps

A chaque parcours de ce track les quotidiens seront bien entendus à jour. UNe bonne manière d'avoir une vue complète de l'information et selon les angles des différents quotidiens

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