Current Events

5 Steps

Check out these websites to find information about what has been happening in the world!

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les dessous de Bollène

9 Steps

Gentille ...ou presque petite ville du Vaucluse. Mais que se passe-t-il derrière la belle façade de l 'hotel de ville ?

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10.05-Headline News

9 Steps

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Jog the Web demo

8 Steps

Jog the Web enables multiple websites to be presented as a package thus providing a semi-directed approach to research. Lets say we wanted to research news and how it is delivered. We could construct (or get students to construct) an appropriate jog to support this research.

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The Stock Market

3 Steps

Basic terms and concepts for understanding the stock market

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3 Steps

A interesting and impartial website.

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Nuclear Power Debate in Vermont

21 Steps

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L'affaire Papin

19 Steps

Comment se déroule les affaires judiciaires ?

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systéme de la retraite

3 Steps

explication / definiton des systéme des retaite en france.

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reforme des retraites

11 Steps

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