Christmas Around The World

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Use the following resources to answer the questions on the graphic organizer about Christmas in your country!

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The Koyal Group Journals, New species of terrifying looking 'skeleton shrimp' discovered

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It’s a truism that the ocean depths will remain Earth’s last great wilderness, and judging by the recent find of a new species of 'skeleton shrimp' there’s still a lot of eye-popping discoveries yet to be made. Named Liropus minusculus due to their small size, these tiny crustaceans (above) were identified by a research team from the University of Seville and were found living in a reef cave offshore from California’s Catalina Island. The female of the species is on the left and the male on the right, with their descriptions first published 8 October in the journal Zootaxa. They belong to a family of animals known as Caprellidae, and although the creatures are most commonly identified as ‘ghost shrimps’ or ‘skeleton shrimps’ (a moniker given in recognition of the tiny crustaceans slender, translucent bodies) they are not in fact shrimps, but a type of crustacean known as amphipods. José Manuel Guerra-García, the lead author of the paper describing Liropus minusculus, first realized that the 'shrimp' constituted an undiscovered species after seeing specimens in a museum in 2010. The find is remarkable as it constitutes the first example of the Liropus genus found in the northeast Pacific Ocean. Although their claws look fearsome (technically these are gnathopods, described by the Encyclopedia Brittanica as claws “used to grasp females during copulation”) these are tiny creatures just a couple of millimetres in length. Guerra-García has suggested that L. minusculus might in fact be the smallest example of its genus. Like the similarly proportioned praying mantis, many species of Caprellidae are patient predators, lying in wait for long periods of time before snatching and eating creatures even smaller than themselves. Their angular bodies and pale colouring also help, allowing them to blend in among the seaweed and vegetation on the sea floor. Although they are occasionally found in the ocean’s deeper climes their preferred habitat is the intertidal and subtidal zone.

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O Henry and "The Gift of the Magi"

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Stop Bullying

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Follow a simple sponge cake recipe

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Easier then the easy bake oven, follow a simple sponge cake recipe and whip up a vanilla frosting topping and watch their eyes widen as they lick the frosting off the spoon.

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Natural Skin Care Products

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IPhone App development Training Institute in Chandigarh

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Soft System Solution is the best Institute providing 6 week/6 months industrial training in IPhone App development in Chandigarh and Mohali.

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تحميل سورة الملك - سورة الملك

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تحميل سورة الملك , سورة الملك قراءة يورة الملك كل ليلة تحفظك من عذاب القبر , سورة الملك وهي مكية , ستجد مجمجوعة من الاحادبث عن سورة الملك التى صح منها وما لم يصح سورة الملك‎ سورة الملك , تحميل سورة الملك , تنزيل سورة الملك بكل سهولة يمكنك تحميل سورة الملك تتكون سورة الملك من 30 ايه كريمة هى كل ما تحتويه سورة الملك من ايات , سورة الملك هنا بصوت احمد العجمى , سورة الملك متاحة للتحمل المباشر او الاستماع الى سورة الملك باجمل الاصوات لجميع القراء ايضا , الان تحميل سورة الملك مباشرة فى ثوانى معدودة يمكنك الحصول على نسخة سورة الملك كاملة بدون اى تعب او مشاكل توجه الان وقم بعملية تحميل سورة الملك واذا اردت سورة الملك مكتوبة سوف تجدها ايضا هنا سورة الملك مكتوبة كاملة , قراءة سورة الملك يحميك من عذاب القبر

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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry services in your Region

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Dental expert of Cosmetic Denstiry NYC provide best and all type of denstry services at reasonable price.

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Want to ensure you get best closet that matches to the decor of your house?

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Here are few things that you need to bear in mind while selecting reach in closets in New York.

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