Rhona's Mantra of living- “A winner never quits & a quitter never wins”

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This is a tale of an ambitious woman who went from penniless to ownership of the largest catering hall in America, Huntington Townhouse.

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Why the proper and timely lipid treatment should be followed?

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Increase levels of lipoids can be a major reason for heart disease. That is why the proper and timely lipid treatment should be followed, if you are under the risk category for elevated lipid levels.

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Gilford Securities-Wealth management is hallmark of the company!

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Gilford Securities provide best strategic ways to their clients who are interested in preserving the wealth for their family when they would be not there with them. A suite of wealth management services that Gilford Securities offers is insurance & annuities, education funding, estate planning, retirement planning, 401 (k) and IRAs and investment advisory.

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Here are a few websites that will help us in our migration unit of work.

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British Colonization Seeks to Expand

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The British royal crown is seeking to expand its colonization beyond the original thirteen colonies. You are tasked with investigating the three types of colonies that are currently in place and decide which one you want to campaign to set up in North America.

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Safe Practices... Everywhere!

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This is a collection of sites on safe practices in the hall, in class, during wellness, and on the bus.

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Piclits - Poetry

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Students choose from a group of words and pictures to create writing.

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Great Tools for Educators

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After taking a class through Gannon University which required the use of a variety of Web 2.0 tools, the sites on this jog provide the URLs and quick descriptions of some of my favorite tools and sites. Also, the link to the Wikispaces page showcases all of the tools I used in the class and provides examples the products I created with these tools.

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Site académique (Rouen)sur les risques majeurs avec apports culturels et pédagogiques

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How you can efficiently utilize free household space with custom closet?

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Do you find it hard to store all your belongings in an organized way? Do you think there are few corners in your house that aren’t being used properly?

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