Cell Phone

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Bang bang

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Cold War

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Mr Hubert research paper

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Enhancing Literacy Skills for Primary Aged Children with Autism

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Resources for introducing, enhancing, and solidifying literacy skills related to letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, phonemic awareness, sound blending, and sight word recognition. It should be noted that completion of all these games independently may not be possible for students who have not mastered the skill or lack the motor control necessary to utilize a keyboard or mouse. These students' participation should be facilitated by staff member with physical assistance, physical prompts, and/or verbal prompts. Can be utilized to introduce and practice the concepts in a positive, fun manner along with staff assisted pre-corrective strategies.

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Mr.Hubert's research project

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Climate change effect on ecosystems

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how changes in the environment can have positive and negative effects on the ecosystem

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Rosie: The Visiting Dog

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Evolution of the 3 point line

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Drinking Age

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Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

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