Animal Research

5 Steps

This set of websites will help you answer questions for your research on an animal of your choice!

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Instruments of the Orchestra

6 Steps

This jog will show you how the individual instruments in the orchestra combine to create one magical sound.

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Quality of Life 21st Century Digital Learning Center

8 Steps

These are sites discussed in our meeting July 30, 2013 with regards to the center's converstion to a skills-based 21st Learning center. Focus will be on the delivery of a skills-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) curriculum. Students will become conversant with cloud computing tools such as collaborative document sharing, video production and editing, textual production and information architecture. Cornerstone of the STEAM curriculum will be based on the projects on

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My tour of Georgia

6 Steps

Explore the beautiful state of Georgia!

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1 Steps

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6 Steps

Why should sportsmanship be used daily in PE, athletics, and everyday life?

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2 Steps

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Web 2.0 Tools

6 Steps

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Common Core Demonstration Jog

3 Steps

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Boat and Yacht charter in North and south America

1 Steps

Explore the beauty of America while sailing in a yacht. Windward Islands yacht charter offers a variety of scenic shorelines to explore, each with their own particular sailing opportunities in North and south America.

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