Bonfire Night

7 Steps

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Learners will log in to get information on how old modes of transport differe to today's modes of transport.

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Mark Birnbaum – The Creator of Luxurious Nightlife & Hospitality Hotspots

1 Steps

Mark Birnbaum is the perfect example of futuristic thinking and hard work. To be successful was not at all easy; it did not come knocking at his door as he had to work hard to reach this pinnacle. The title of “The New Kings of NewYork Nightlife” has been earned after overcoming many hurdles.

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GAES Election Jog

7 Steps

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4 Steps

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Presentation 2

30 Steps

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Election 2012 Essay

5 Steps

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Tech Tools You Can Use

10 Steps

Websites used to enhance classroom participation and assignments.

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Living and Nonliving Things Treasure Hunt

4 Steps

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Living and Nonliving Things

4 Steps

These websites will educate students about living and nonliving things. The websites will also inform students what important things living things need to survive. This jog should help students to identify living and nonliving things easily.

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