Helpful Student and Teacher sites

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Following are a number of helpful websites that teachers can use to involve their students in the classroom more. The first 15 are sites the students can go to and use. The next 15 sites are some helpful sites teachers can use to help create and instigate technology use in their class.

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Southwest Native Americans

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This jog the web allows students to look up facts about the Southwest Native Americans.

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Ruth Lichtenstein

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Founder and director of Project Witness, Ruth Lichtenstein is the editor-in-chief of Witness to History, the nation-by-nation history of the Holocaust.

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Concussions in college and NFL football

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The way that the NCAA and NFL need to do better at preventing concussions.

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Close Reading

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The Industrial Revolution

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Budget Help

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Use the links to help create a budget for a vacation.

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Technology in the Classroom

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