cross cultural educational reading tools for 1st grade

8 Steps

games for children to play for 1st grade reading levels

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6 Steps

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skip counting by fives and tens

6 Steps

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Mediaciones tecnológicas conjuntas en la Comunicación educativa

11 Steps

Teorías de la comunicación, teoricos de la comunicación educativa

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Technology and France

6 Steps

The influence that France has had on the society of technology in France and the influence that technology has had on France.

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4M - HoChunk

4 Steps

Mrs. Messamore's class report on the HoChunk Tribe.

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4E - HoChunk

6 Steps

Mrs. Engeldinger's class report on the HoChunk Tribe.

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Television miniseries Chiefs

3 Steps

A story of good vs evil set in Delano, Georgia, played against the racism of the southern USA.

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Evaluating Primary Source Collections - Dust Bowl

8 Steps

Evaluating Primary Source Collections: Who is responsible for the website? What is the URL? Who is the author? Is there a clear purpose or reason for this site? Does the Author state were the document is from and how it is stored? Is the content clearly explained and stored?

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Tablette numérique dans les collèges de Corrèze

8 Steps

projet : un Ipad pour un élève de 6eme

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