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Defend your Brand within 30 important Social Media platforms

Listen up brand managers, have you have been trying to get your organization to expirement social media? Have your efforts been unsuccessful? Well it’s time to reverse the conversation, and explain to your organization that you need to defend your brand and marks within the social media world. If you don’t grab your brand name on the various social media services out there, someone else will, and effectively Hijack your efforts. And the people who register your brand may (read: definitely will) say things that could damage your organization. I implore you, for the next 48 hours, take some time out of your busy day and register your brands and trademarks on the various different services. Hats off to our excellent PR firm Perkett (and their Blog), a my behest they put a list of the top 30 social media sites that you need to register your brands on. Don’t wait or you may find that someone else has already taken them.

Author Remy Wilders

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