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Prepositions and prepositional phrases: extra practice

This jog is for students who, upon completion of a pre-test, show proficiency in the following areas: *ability to identify prepositions & prepositional phrases *ability to identify objects within prepositional phrases *knowledge of the functions of a prepositional phrase within a sentence It will provide extra practice/enrichment in the following areas: *differentiating between adverbial & adjectival prepositional phrases *using prepositional phrases properly and effectively within a written context *differentiating between infinitives & prepositions (& other tricky situations) and will offer online quiz options as well as practice for the unit test Students should be sure to follow ALL directions in the title section for each page. Some pages require students to print and turn in items. Some pages require students to take notes. Some pages require students to complete on-line exercises. Some pages require students to write answers to exercises down on a piece of notebook paper. A packet of all required items should be turned in following this JOG.

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