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A lawyer with good educational background, Michael Wildes ESQ

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Michael Wildes ESQ is regarded as one of the best lawyers of New York. His efforts and dedication has helped him reach to a great position in the law field. Apart from his hard work, his learning has also helped him throughout his career.

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A man who possesses immigration expertise

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Immigration is one of the most complicated legal processes of all. While it’s not impossible to find an immigration lawyer, finding an actual reliable one is a whole different ball game.

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A recognized immigration attorney associated with Wildes and Weinberg

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Michael Wildes  is a fine example of a prodigious litigator from the US who is into immigration practices for over a decade. He is associated with Wildes and Weinberg, the leading law firm.

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A successful fundraiser of the democratic party, Michael Wildes ESQ

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Michael Wildes ESQ is the best fundraiser of the Democratic Party. For the same, he has rated as one of the 100 National Up and Coming Leaders to Watch by the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council).

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About Michael Wildes' Wildes & Weinberg, P.C

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Established in 1960 Wildes & Weinberg, P.C., perhaps the United States' premier law firm concentrating in the immigration and nationality field, grew out of the practice of Leon Wildes, Esq., a distinguished immigration practitioner in New York City.

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An attorney famous among celebs

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Through his entire career as a leading immigration attorney, Michael Wildes helped several high profile celebrities in getting their visas.

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An established and immigration attorney

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Michael J. Wildes is a recognized and well-established authority when it comes to immigration related help. Due to the kind of work he performs in this industry, he is given the title of ‘attorney to the stars’.

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An inspiration for number of lawyers-Michael Wildes ESQ

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A lawyer who is an inspiration for many, especially for aspirants is Michael Wildes ESQ. His hard work and dedication has resulted to positive outcomes for many people who are entangled in the legal cases. For many people, he is one stop solution to judicial issues.

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Attorney who has helped numerous high profile clients-Michael Wildes ESQ

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A lawyer who has been in the immigration industry for helping people in need is Michael Wildes ESQ. He has not just taken out people from legally stressed issues, but also made it possible to win their cases.

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Broad spectrum of immigration services of Michael Wildes

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The renowned immigration lawyer and senior partner of Wildes and Weinberg, Michael Wildes’ legal assistance cover various areas including business immigration, family immigration, work visa, green card, consular practice, investor visa, naturalization, and more.

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