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What is Labor Day?

7 Steps

Why is Labor Day celebrated? Discover the reason why this holiday is celebrated the first Monday of September.

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Earth Day

7 Steps

April 22 is Earth Day. Let's promote a healthy planet!

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Internet Safety for Kids

5 Steps

A guide to Internet safety at home and school.

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First Thanksgiving

5 Steps

Investigate the first Thanksgiving. Take a voyage on the Mayflower. Learn about the Pilgrim's daily life and see the menu from the first feast.

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Career search for Elementary

9 Steps

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Mesopotamia - "You are a Museum Curator"

4 Steps

"Ohio Standards Connections - Grade 6" Information Literacy Conduct research and follow a research process model that includes the following: develop essential question; identify resources; select, use and analyze information; synthesize and generate a product; and evaluate both process and product. Thanks to ILILE, Teacher Doug Davis and Media Specialist, Patty Lewis.

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The Mesopotamia Project - You are a "Historian"

6 Steps

"Ohio Standards Connections: Grade 6" Describe the political and social characteristics of early civilizations and their enduring impact on later civilizations. Thanks to ILILE, Teacher Doug Davis, and Media specialist, Patty Lewis.

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Evaluating Web Resources

6 Steps

How do you know if a web site really is a good site? Is all the information true?

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8 Steps

You probably have a favorite kind of genre and you don't even know what that means!

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The Mesopotamia Project - You are a "Cartographer"

6 Steps

"Ohio Standards Connection - Grade 6" Geography Identify on a map the location of major physical and human features of each continent. Thanks to ILILE, teacher Doug Davis and Media specialist, Patty Lewis.

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