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Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

23 Steps

Play games that will help you develop your fractional knowledge!

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Discover Exciting Facts About the Olympic Games!

16 Steps

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Multiplication Practice!

9 Steps

Come practice your times tables while playing some fun games!

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Maths is Fun: Transformations

8 Steps

Try out different types of transformations!

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Place Value Practice!

7 Steps

Think you've got place value down? Prove it while you play these fun games!!!

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Great Spotted Kiwi

5 Steps

The Great Spotted Kiwi is native to New Zealand. Use the websites to research this unique bird.

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5 Steps

The Kea is only found in New Zealand. Use the following websites to research this bird.

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5 Steps

The Albatross is native to New Zealand. Use the websites below to research this bird

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