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December Holidays

23 Steps

This jog is one for a Kindergarden unit on holidays around the world.

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End of the Year Library Fun

24 Steps

Activities you can do with students for end of the year library review.

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5th Grade Author Study

27 Steps

These are links that can be used to do a 5th grade author study.

By: kimwren1 218 Views

Website Evaluation

16 Steps

This jog is a collection of different web sites and materials that will help my K - 5 students evaluate websites.

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12 Steps

This is a jog that will help students explore the genre of mysteries.

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Colonial Life

16 Steps

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11 Steps

This is a jog with online dictionaries and activities showing dictionaries.

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the Thirteen Colonies

4 Steps

This is jog where you can get information on the 13 colonies.

By: kimwren1 141 Views

Thanksgiving Fun

18 Steps

a Collection of websites for Thanksgiving stuff. :)

By: kimwren1 488 Views

Missouri History

12 Steps

This is a jog for researching St. Genevieve and St. Louis history.

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