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Campaign Finance Project

13 Steps

Campaign Finance Project for Mr. Piraino's AP US Government Class

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Digital WWII DBQs

19 Steps

Analyze and assess the sources provided using the Jog the Web format. For each source answer the question at the top of the page. Answer all questions using a word processor. E-mail your answers to

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AP Gov Media Project

8 Steps

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2 Steps

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Jogging Through the Past

6 Steps

American HEART Cadre Presentation

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Sexism in the Workplace

8 Steps

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Gerrymandered Districts Game

1 Steps


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APSI AP Government

28 Steps

Website resources from the 2012 AP Summer Institute on U.S. and Comparative Government in Morgantown, WV

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Session 383 21st Century Classroom: Using Digital Media to Engage Students

15 Steps

SREB 2012 Session on Digital Media to Engage Students

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Mr Piraino's Civil Liberties Lab

11 Steps

Civil Liberties lab.

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