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Earth's History Jog the Web

4 Steps

How are fossils created? What does the fossil record tell us about Earth's History? What is the geologic Time Scale?

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Hydraulic Fracturing: What is it and should we support it?

5 Steps

Use these sites to form an opinion about the use of hydraulic fracturing in Lee County.

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Internet Sites for Disease Research

9 Steps

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Marine/ Ocean WebQuest

9 Steps

Using the tasksheet provided, use each website to complete the questions. You will need to follow all directions and work through the webpages to answer each question. Remember to answer each question in complete answers.

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Ocean Habitats

1 Steps

Internet sites that give information about our wonderful ocean habitats.

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Properties of Matter

1 Steps

Idenifying the Melting points of different substances.

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The Periodic Table

5 Steps

Understanding how the periodic table is organized.

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