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2 Steps

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2 Steps

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Holocaust Unit

28 Steps

Holocaust Unit and Diary of Anne Frank Resources

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Disease Project

16 Steps

Websites to help with research on diseases.

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Countries of the World Research

13 Steps

A few websites to help with your country research reports.

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Citation Tips

9 Steps

Ways to use the correct citation information in your projects.

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Native American Project

7 Steps

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Website Validity

21 Steps

A step by stop jog to help discover the importance of knowing where your information comes from.

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Grammar, Prefixes, Suffixes, Vocab, and Idioms

11 Steps

Games to help you practice basic grammar skills, prefixes, suffixes, increase vocabulary, and learn those crazy idioms!

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Inferencing Websites

8 Steps

A few helpful websites to practice the skill of inferencing in reading.

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